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For decades, talcum powder has been declared as a harmless solution for rashes and sweaty skin. Now, hundreds of women are taking action against Johnson & Johnson for a connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using one of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder or Shower to Shower body powder, you may be entitled to compensation.

Johnson & Johnson has paid out more than $100 million to victims who sued the pharmaceutical giant for a link between its products and ovarian cancer. In May 2016, the company was ordered by a jury to pay $55 million to a woman who developed ovarian cancer after using the well known baby powder.

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Background of Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Frequently found in nurseries and bathrooms across the nation, Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder has been used by millions of people. It’s estimated that as many as 40% of women have used talcum powder for feminine hygiene.

Talcum powder is made up of talc, a soft mineral composed mainly of magnesium, oxygen, and silicon. Thanks to its ability to reduce friction and absorb moisture, talcum powder became widely used for diaper rash and feminine hygiene. Johnson & Johnson introduced talcum powder more than a hundred years ago. Early marketing campaigns quickly made Baby Powder a staple product in households everywhere.

Despite being billed as safe for everyone to use, mounting evidence points to a possible connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

Hundreds of women are now filing ovarian cancer lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company for failing to warn consumers of the deadly risks.

Studies Linking Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

The first scientific link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder was published back in 1971. In a study titled “Talc and Carcinoma of the Ovary and Cervix” that appeared in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the British Commonwealth, researchers examined 13 ovarian tumors to see whether asbestos from talcum powder was present. They did not find asbestos but in 10 of the 13 tumors (roughly 75%), talc particles were found deeply embedded in the tissue.

Another study published in 1982 found the first statistical link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder. Published in the journal Cancer, the study found that women who used talcum powder on or near the genitals were three times as likely to develop cancer as women who did not use it.

Dr. Daniel Cramer, the principal author of the study, said that further research was needed before doctors should recommend women avoid talc.

Since 1982, at least 20 more epidemiological studies have found that long-term use of talc increases the risk of ovarian cancer by roughly 33%.

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Johnson & Johnson’s Denial of Any Link

As questions have begun to surface about whether talcum powder may cause cancer, Johnson & Johnson has steadfastly defended its product. They’ve always publicly said talc is safe.

In fact, Johnson & Johnson even criticized the 1982 study that said women who used talc for hygienic care had a higher risk of ovarian cancer. A public relations officer for the company told the New York Times, “We feel there is a vast amount of published research on talc in humans and animals that has shown no tendency of pure cosmetic-grade talc to cause cancer.”

Despite publicly defending its products, recently discovered internal documents from Johnson & Johnson showed the company was aware of the studies and risks.

Here’s what an attorney in one of the cases against Johnson & Johnson told the Associated Press:

“The evidence is real clear that Johnson & Johnson has known about the dangers associated with talcum powder for over 30 years,” Onder said. “Instead of giving a warning, what they did was target the groups most at risk for developing ovarian cancer,” specifically marketing to overweight women, blacks and Latinos, he said.

Johnson & Johnson willingly ignored clear evidence linking its products with cancer and continued to market its dangerous products to the at-risk. This behavior is unacceptable and the pharmaceutical giant needs to be held liable for its actions.

Significant Talcum Powder Lawsuits

More and more women are coming forward to take on Johnson & Johnson. Several cases have already paved the way for large class-action suits against the company. Here are three of the most significant cases.



Berg v. Johnson & Johnson

Dean Berg was the first woman to sue Johnson & Johnson for not warning consumers of potential risks. Berg was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006 and turned down $1.3 million for an out-of-court settlement because she didn’t want to settle in secret. Her case went to trial in 2013, and a jury found Johnson & Johnson negligent. However, Berg did not receive any damages.



Fox v. Johnson & Johnson

Jacqueline Fox found out she had advanced ovarian cancer in 2013. She had sprinkled Baby Powder on her underwear every day since she was a teen. Fox sued the company for negligence, conspiracy, and failure to warn of potential risk. Four months after Fox died from cancer in October 2015, a jury in St. Louis awarded the plaintiff $72 million in damages. This verdict encouraged more women to come forth.



Ristesund v. Johnson & Johnson

In May 2016, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $55 million to Gloria Ristesund after developing ovarian cancer while using the company’s talcum powder. Jim Onder, the attorney for the plaintiffs, claimed internal documents showed Johnson & Johnson was aware of the link. After the verdict, Johnson & Johnson released a statement in defense of its products: “Unfortunately, the jury’s decision goes against 30 years of studies by medical experts around the world that continue to support the safety of cosmetic talc.”

File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit Today

Despite overwhelming evidence of a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, Johnson & Johnson still insists it’s talc-based products are safe. Hundreds of women have come forward, claiming that the company’s products are raising their risk of ovarian cancer. Yet Johnson & Johnson has done nothing to warn future consumers or change its formula.

If you or a loved one developed ovarian cancer after using talcum powder let our pharmaceutical attorneys fight for you. Fill out our free case evaluation form and have our lawyers review your claim. Time to file your lawsuit if running out, contact us today!

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